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Company:Shenzhen Lanyu Fire Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Address:Bao'an District, Shenzhen City Center Building A, Building


            Shenzhen LanYu fire-fighting equipment Co., LTD. Is a professional production and sales of various fire-fighting equipment, apparatus, the collection scientific research, manufacturing and supply of equipment, international trade, design, construction and installation, maintenance. My company has a sound management system, passed the ISO9001 quality management system, 2000 quality system authentication,. Companies always adhere to the "quality first, customer first" business philosophy, production and other relevant government granted AAA credit unit, contract-observing trust-worthy unit and the honorary title. Companies in the provinces, municipalities established sales and service organization, providing customers with fire control system design, installation, construction and maintenance services. Products in Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, overseas market favored by customers by customers as "the eagle", fire industry is rising in the international market and a fire industry "made in China".
My company's products mainly include:
A foam, fire fighting equipment: 1, pressure type foam mixing ratio (foam tank), 2 and balanced pressure type foam mixing ratio. 3, mobiles foam fire. 4 and foam fire hydrant boxes, 5, water spray liquid foam (foam gun), 6 and liquid water bubble water - switch valve (hydrant), 7 and fire water cannons, 8 and (vertical) foam generator, Since September, fire pump button box (alarm button), 10 and foam shower (net), 11, bubble water amphibious shower (cylinder), 12 and higher multiples foam generator, 13 and mobiles/fixed high multiples foam fire. 14 and pipe pressure mixing ratio. 15 and fire water cannons, 16, bubble water amphibious cannon, 17 and tanks spray cooling protection device.
Second, the bubble extinguisher: 1, the environmental water film bubble type extinguisher 3%, 6%, 2, resistance to water soluble foam extinguisher 3%, 6% type, 3, soluble bubble type extinguisher 3% 6%, 4, protein and fluorine protein extinguisher, 5 and high, medium multiples foam extinguisher 3%, 6%, 6 and stream (mechanical) agent and various fire-fighting foam, etc.
Third, spraying extinguishing equipment: 1, spraying nozzles, 2 and early suppression rapid response nozzle, Concealment type sprinkler; 3, 4 and water mist sprayer (take), 5 and the water curtain nozzle, 6 and wet alarm valve, 7 and flow indicator (saddle type/thread type), 8 and fire control the pressure switch, 9 and signal gate, 10 and signal butterfly.
Four, the intelligent water cannon: 1, the large space of intelligent active sprinkler. 2, electric PSKD cannon fire, 3, automatic fire extinguishing gun. 4, automatic spraying extinguishing devices; jet, 5, spraying extinguishing devices; automatic jet, 6 PSY cannon fire, mobiles, 7, PP series cannon fire, 8 and fire turrets, 9 and interface mobiles fire.
The company implements the "two" a loss of marketing, customer satisfaction guarantee of product quality, service, guarantee acceptance of the user product (systems), compensation for product quality problems caused by their direct economic losses. Company fire equipment products by the people's insurance company of China for quality products liability insurance. We will, as always, adhering to the "quality and integrity, efficiency and dedication" spirit of enterprise, realistic and innovative, scientific development, create more and more for the society and the users of products.
In recent years, the company continuously develop, expand, to expand overseas markets, products are sold to southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia and other countries and regions, accelerate the pace of international pattern. Treat customers, the company always adhere to the "perfect, appropriate, quick, security, win-win".
We will, as always, advancing with The Times, pioneering innovation, pragmatism, in this voyage to go faster and better. We are looking forward to your cooperation, casting a better, more splendid tomorrow.

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